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MC: Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Addon (Deepslate Update)
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Can you not wait for the Caves and Cliffs update to be released? Would you like to play with some of the new features that haven’t even been added in betas yet now? Well, this addon is for you. It adds some concepts of new features like amethyst, glow berries and more. I hope you enjoy this new addon.

Let’s start with the amethysts. Amethyst Blocks and Budding Amethyst generates rarely underground. The geode structure may be added in a future update but for now you can find them in random veins.

The Budding Amethyst block is functional, overtime it may grow amethyst buds and eventually grow into amethyst clusters which yield amethysts shard when broken. However, budding amethyst can only grow buds if there is empty space above it.

Amethyst Shards can be used to craft more amethyst blocks, also you can use it to make tinted glass which is like glass but it can’t let light through.

You can use 2 copper ingots and one amethyst shard to make a spyglass, this recipe only works in the 1.16.210 beta since it uses copper ingots in it’s recipe.

The Spyglass also has function, using it will make you screen zoom in and also play a sound, using it again will zoom it out, this is done with the slowness effect.

There are 4 new decorative stones in this addon: Calcite, Dripstone Block, Smooth Basalt and Tuff. Smooth Basalt and Calcite can be found underground, Tuff is also found underground but only very deep where Deepslate is, and the Dripstone block doesn’t generate anywhere but you can craft it with 4 pointed Dripstone (recipe only works on beta). Also you can smelt normal basalt to get smooth basalt

Another new Stone type added here is Deepslate, it can only generate at lower levels and has high blast and mine resistance. There also exists Deepslate variants of redstone, iron, gold, lapis and diamond ore that only generate near Deepslate. But, they behave the same as their normal variants.

Deepslate drops Cobbled Deepslate, which can be made into polished Deepslate or put in a stonecutter to get chiseled Deepslate and Deepslate Bricks. There are also deepslate tiles which are not available in survival right now. Also, you can use cobbled deepslate to make some stone-related items like furnaces and stone tools.

Cobbled Deepslate, deepslate tiles, deepslate bricks and polished deepslate can be made into stairs and slabs. You can also obtain all grimstone blocks by doing /function allgrimstone

Bundles are new items that can be crafted with 5 rabbit hide and 2 string, see below.

The Bundle sort of is functional! When you use it, it spawns a bundle entity that can store some items, while looking like it can store as many items as a chest this bundle entity can only hold 13 different items in it. You are also given an item that teleports the bundle to you when you use it. Bundles may not work correctly on multiplayer.

Glow Lichen is a new block that generates rarely underground. It only emits a bit of light and drops itself when broken.

Glow Berries are both a new block and food item, but right now you can’t find them in survival. Glow Berry items can be eaten but they only restore one hunger bar. You can use glow berries to plant Cave Vines which eventually grow even more berries and emit light.

The Moss Block is a new block currently only obtainable from commands. This block is also functional! If you use bone meal on it, it will grow azaleas, moss carpets and more moss blocks around itself. You can also use 2 moss blocks to craft 3 moss carpets.

The Sculk Block is only available with commands right now. It has just a  little bit of functionality, which is that it can grow sculk veins on itself if there’s enough room.

Finally, there are some new decoration blocks currently only available with commands. These include: Azalea, Flowering Azalea, Azalea Leaves, Flowering Azalea Leaves, Rooted Dirt, Moss Carpet, Hanging Roots, Sculk Trap, Sculk Veins and Sculk Chute. None of these blocks have any special uses, but azalea leaves will drop their respective azalea type when broken.

You can obtain all other blocks and items not related to grimstone by doing /function allitems in chat.

Also, this addon makes some texture changes. The following block/item textures were changed to match how they’ll be in the 1.17 update: Clock, Compass, Coal Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore, Redstone Ore, Emerald Ore, Lapis Ore, Copper Ore (beta versions only), Blackstone.

You must enable experimental gameplay for this addon to work! Enable “Holiday Creator Features” and “Generation of Custom Biomes” for everything in this addon to work properly. I recommend using this in the beta since it allows all recipes to be available, however the features of this addon will work fine in non beta versions.


1. Download both files linked.

2. Rename both of the files, changing the “.mcaddon” at the end to “.zip”.

3. Extract the zip files.

4. After extracting, rename the .zips back to .mcaddons

5. Open the files, apply them to your Minecraft world and you are ready to have an adventure with the caves and cliffs features.