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MC: Defined PBR – An RTX Resource Pack
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Defined PBR is a Ray Tracing compatible resource pack that combines simple but detailed heightmaps with subtle and consistent materials, leading to a faithful enhancement of the vanilla textures.

This pack will also be updated every time a new beta comes out to ensure a seamless experience in game whether you are on the betas or not!

Through designing simple and faithful Ray Tracing textures Defined PBR creates an enhanced vanilla look for the game. Each block uses consistent materials so that they can all look uniform with each other.

This pack also tweaks several particle transparencies in order to make them less obtrusive.

Other tweaks included include items instantly moving to their destination in the inventory instead of sliding when shift-clicked, and the removal of the item pop animation when using a tool.

Applying this pack in the beta will also result in all beta aspects being hidden as well as supporting the new blocks added. 

This pack will not work if you do not meet the following requirements:

Minecraft version 1.16.200+ on Windows 10

An Intel Core i5 or better

A Ray Tracing capable graphics card (Nvidia RTX 2000+ or AMD RX 6000+)

At least 8GB of RAM

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To install, just double click the .mcpack file to have it automatically import into the game!