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MC: D-Day Battle Map [AIRSTRIKES]
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This is a simplistic D-Day map that can be played with your friends. It consists of two teams, the Americans and the Germans. Once you join the game, you’ll be able too pick which team you join. The Americans spawn on a ship off shore, and the Germans spawn on the Mainland on the cliffs. It can handle around 16 Players without much lag (Tested on Xbox).

Made by Co2byJ98

American Spawnpoint:
German Spawnpoint:


Each team has a shop in their spawnpoint. The currency is XP. Everytime someone on the opposing team dies, your team will all receive 1 XP. The shops on each team consist of extra weapons, meds, and ammunition. The American team have exclusive access to a Shovel which can be purchased at the shops. You spawn with a worse, default shovel. The German shops has access to an Airstrike. This is a snowball, and when thrown onto the beach, it will call in a TNT Airstrike on the location that the snowball lands. 

Extra Information
– Germans can not go onto the Beach, it will kill them. This stops them from camping the shoreline. 
 – You can change team in the Respawn Room.
 – The beach will reset every 10 minutes, removing any damage caused.
 – Boats will automatically be destroyed when landing on the beach.
 – Their are Random TNT sounds in the background. 

Co2byJ98 on Xbox
Co1byJ98#01010 0n Discord
Contact me if theres any issues.