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Ever needed a world to test out some of the great plane mods you can find on MCPEDL? This is a 2000×2000 map with 8 different island and airfields. This map has every style of island from Commercial Airports, Military Bases, and Small Runways. This is can also be used for roleplaying as Pilots, ATC, Passengers, and Military. 

The 8 Islands on the map consist of:
(Apologies for low render distance)

Center Island (Commercial Airport)
Cordinates: X=105 Z=101

Southern Island

Cordinates: X=-16 Z=832

South Eastern Island
Cordinates: X=624 Z=640

Eastern Island
Cordinates: X=653 Z=-234

Sand Island
Cordinates: X=810 Z=-761

Northern Island
Cordinates: X=214 Z=-654

Military Base
Cordinates: X=-757 Z=-391

Snowy Island
Cordinates: X=-627 Z=555

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