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MC: Clay Soldier Addon (1.16+)
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The Clay Soldier mod in BE

Why don’t you fight, conquer other countries, and join these clay soldiers? 

Build your army and start a war with your friends! ! !

Nice to meet you! I was thinking about what to do with my friends and I implemented clay soldier mode in BE, which I had fun with on my PC. This mode is a little different from the PC. 

New item / Item code 

White Soldier Controller :  kr:soldier1  

Red Soldier Controller : kr:soldier2 

Black Soldier Controller : kr:soldier3 

Green Soldier Controller : kr:soldier4 

Orange Soldier Controller : kr:soldier5 

Yellow Soldier Controller : kr:soldier6

To Get this Item

: /function item

If you sneak to hold your clay soldier controller , your clay soldiers will move to you.

And if you click the ground, the nearest entity will be set as the target based on you and your clay soldiers will attack it.

Clay Soldier [ All Types ]

HP : 20

ATK : 3

Feature : To break log , dirt , planks , cobblestone.

There are 6 kinds of Clay Soldiers. 

Since it is still a beta version, there are not many different armies yet. But I will update it later, so please look forward to it!

This item can also be obtained by command language, so please refer to it.

If it’s hard to use, I’ve filmed a review video, so take a look.