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MC: Untenable 2 [Minigame] [Puzzle]
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Untenable means ‘Illogical’, a map where nothing makes sense. There are ten levels in which the objective may be anything, from finding a button to doing the most obvious things. The map is made to distract you from your main goal. Can you pass all ten levels? This map is made for versions 1.5 and above (not tested in beta versions).

Creator: BluFlyawayTwitter Account


  • Custom death sounds and intros
  • 10 mind boggling levels
  • Uses new aquatic update mechanics


  • Play in adventure mode
  • Only use hints when you’re stuck
  • You can’t skip levels
  • Do not use /spawnpoint
  • Turn of clouds
  • Keep render distance low to avoid lag
  • This is not meant for multiplayer

Creator’s Note

Starting the map itself is a puzzle. P.s have you played part 1 yet?

Note: This map may not be multiplayer friendly.