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MC: Christmas Giveaway (Ended!)
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Here is a list of the winners. Winners will be contacted via email (make sure to whitelist or on Twitter (DM).

There will be more chances in the future for people who didn’t win this time. Thank you everyone who participated!

But to all winners – congratulations!

You’ll be contacted within 7 days (9th January is last possible date you’ll hear from us). You have until 15th January 2018 to accept the prize or else it expires.


  • Xbox One X (x1) Value: $500 USD
  • Nintendo Switch (x1) Value: $300 USD
  • iPad Mini 4 (x1) Value: $399 USD
  • Google Play Gift Card $50 (x4) Value: $200 USD
  • iTunes / App Store $50 (x4) Value: $200 USD

How to enter the giveaway?

There are two ways which you can enter as a participant. If you do both of these things then you will retrieve two entries and increase your chances of winning. However, you are only required to complete one of the following options to enter.

Option 1: Retweet + Reply

1. Retweet the following tweet.

2. And then reply to the same tweet with a random message. Done! +1 Entry

Option 2: Play the Winter World map and find three pass codes!

1. Download the Winter World map:

2. Play the map and search for 3 different pass codes. The codes are written down in books which can be found in chests on three different locations around the winter area. Note them down as you find them.

3. Write a comment on this page and include all of the pass codes. Order doesn’t matter. Done! +1 Entry

When are the winners announced?

All winners are selected at random. The winners will be announced here and on Twitter on 31st December, 2017 (changed to 2nd January, 2018). It can take several weeks before a winner receives his/her prize.


Important Information

  • If there is no easy way to retrieve a specific prize then the winner will receive the value of the item in cash (via PayPal) instead.
  • There is no way to influence your chances of getting a specific prize. The prizes are given away at random to random participants of the giveaway.
  • Same person can’t win more than one prize item. In total there will be 11 winners.