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MC: Christmas Contest 2018 (Winners Announced)
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  • krivas – Nintendo: Switch
  • TheCrazyTitan – Xbox One X
  • MrAgentBlaze – 10 500 Minecoins

Message to winners: All winners have been contacted via email or Twitter DMs. Check your trash / spam inbox if you haven’t seen a message from us.

Look out for new giveaway/contest coming up very soon!

It’s time for our annual Christmas Contest! This time you are able to win three different prizes: Xbox One X, Nintendo: Switch & Minecoins (10 500). We’re very thankful to all the website users (both visitors and content creators) who are all a part of our community! Scroll further down on this page to learn more about the contest!

How to join?

There are two main ways that you can participate.

Option 1 (Earn +1 Entry): Play the Christmas Challenge Map

  1. Play the Christmas Challenge map.
    1. Click here to download .McWorld (4 MB)
  2. Complete the map to gain access to the secret code.
  3. Login to your account on (create a new account if you don’t have one already).
  4. Make sure you’re logged in as we need your email info to contact you in case that you win!
  5. Write a comment down below where you include the secret code (e.g. “Secret Code: [insert code]).
    Your comment will automatically be set to pending and never accepted to avoid other people (and cheaters) seeing it.
  6. You have now gained +1 entry.

Option 2 (Earn +1 Entry): Retweet the Tweet

  1. Retweet this tweet!
  2. Reply to that same tweet. (You can say anything, maybe something relating to Christmas. This is to filter out any spam bots/cheaters.)
  3. You have now gained +1 entry.


The winners will be chosen at random. The only requirement for participating is that you have entered using either (or both) of the above options.

  • Xbox One X (1 Winner Entry) (Value: ~$500 USD)
  • Nintendo: Switch (1 Winner Entry) (Value: ~$300 USD)
  • 10 500 Minecoins (1 Winner Entry) (Value: ~$70 USD)

When does it end?

The Christmas Contest will end on the 28th. Winners will be announced on the website and on Twitter a few days after the contest ending.

Final Words

I mentioned it briefly in the beginning but I’ll say it again. I’m deeply appreciative for the continued growth and support of the website. In 2019 we’re coming up on our five year anniversary. Five years! That’s incredible. To celebrate that we’ll certainly have more giveaways and contests down the line.

But we’re also looking for other ways to further expand the website and make it easier to use for users. For the last couple of months we’ve been working on a new user control panel and a new submission system. It took a bit longer than expected (as is usually the case when developing new things). However, by the current progress it’s highly likely we’ll release that in mid-January.

Anyways, on behalf of the MCPE DL team we wish you all a Merry Christmas!