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MC: Armored Ocelot Add-on
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This add-on turns the ocelot into a much cuter and more useful companion in Minecraft. It will now be wearing a full armor set any time that it spawns in-game. After you’ve tamed it you will be able to upgrade the armor, ride it and even get it to protect you against any possible threat in-game. This a must-have for all cat lovers out there!

Creator: Jujustyle7Twitter Account

How does it work?

The ocelot will by default spawn wearing a full iron armor set. You can tame it just the same way before simply by feeding it some raw fish. It will then turn into a cat (wearing a full armor set). This is essentially a stronger version of the previous ocelot.

  • Wild Ocelot
    • Health: 12 hearts
  • Tamed Ocelot
    • Health: 55 hearts
    • Attack damage: 18
    • Rideable, add a saddle to the inventory to be able to control it
    • Add a horse armor to upgrade the armor protection

You can ride the cat much similarly to riding a horse. Open the inventory while seated on the ocelot and add a saddle. Once added, you will be able to control the direction while riding it.

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  1. Download Resource & Behavior .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.