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MC: AlfieABSEA’s Troll Texture Pack
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This texture pack helps you troll your friends. By making lava look like water and making the diamond sword look like a wooden sword and bedrock looking like dirt and swapping cooked chicken with raw chicken and swapping gravel with slime block and making the nether portal look like the aether portal. And much more.

his is a pool of lava i bet you thought it was a pool of water and me holding a diamond sword i bet you would of thought it was a wooden sword if i renamed itthis photo is of the nether and the portal

The cooked chicken is really raw chicken

The furnaces are always on when not being used and always off when being used. The iron door looks like a wooden door. The iron trapdoor and wooden trapdoor are swapped round.


If you want other packs activated with this texture pack put them above this pack