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MC: 996105: Three Desert Temples
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Desert temples are new structures in version 0.13.0 which are randomly generated similarly to villages. In every desert temple there’s are treasures to be found. Usually they consist of diamonds, iron ingots and gold. In this seed we will show you have to get to three different temples all with incredible treasures to be found and collected.

The spawn is at a swamp biome. Continue straight ahead past the swamp.


Soon enough you should come to a forest which is situated on the right. But just continue going straight ahead.


After a little while the forest should end and a flat landscape should be seen ahead.


When you have passed the flat landscape and come to a river with two forests on each side then you know it’s time to turn right.


Follow the path of the river.

temple5 temple6

After following the river for a while it’s time to turn right and cross over the sand dunes to make your way to the first temple.


If it is your first time entering a temple then you must be careful as there is a redstone trap constructed using a pressure plate and TNT at the bottom of the temple where all the treasures are.


Destroy the blocks in the center of the floor and then use blocks to make a pathway down to the bottom. You will die if you decide to drop down (at least if you play in survival mode). Also, make sure to avoid the pressure plate as it will set off the trap.


The four chests include the following treasures:

  • 14 gold ingots
  • 6 iron ingots
  • 20 bones
  • 2 rotten flesh


If you were to accidently stand on the pressure plate then this would happen..


Make your way back to the entrance of the temple. To find the second temple make sure you look in the direction as seen in the image below and follow the path of the river for a little while.


When you reach the following area then it’s time to make a quick turn to your left, crossing over the sand to a second river.


Follow the left direction of the river.


Just after a little while you will get to the second temple which is generated as a blockage in the river.


In the temple you will find the following treasures:

  • 5 diamonds
  • 6 gold ingots
  • 4 iron ingots
  • 14 bones
  • 4 rotten flesh

If  you want to learn how to find the third temple then check out the video below.

Seed: 996105