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MC: MB’s Block Parkour
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Want a brand new awesome parkour experience?
Looking for a great speedrunning map?
Or just want to practice your skill?
Then this map is for you!

Bound over huge gaps & perform cool tricks in this fast-paced parkour map, created by MACHINE_BUILDER!

Block Parkour

Thanks for checking out my map!

This map is a parkour map, with special functional blocks!

The blocks include:
 – Blocks that break under your feet!
 – Blocks that spawn other blocks!
 – Moving platforms!

The map can be played in either multiplayer or single player, it’s entirely up to you!
In single player, this map is the ultimate speedrunning experience, and in multiplayer, it becomes a game of teamwork or sabotage 🙂

This video is a run-through of the map, as well as an explanation for the different types of blocks & their functions!

I hope you enjoy playing through this quick map of mine!

Feel free to use the provided addon to create your own parkour maps, but credit must be given to me clearly, both in the map, and on the download page


make sure to download the .mcaddon file and the .mcworld!