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This addons goal is to provide a better combat experience it does this by adding better animations, new weapons and special mechanics to weapons with each type of weapon having a unique use


this addon is in the early beta stage meaning its still not finished developing i would appreciate it if you could suggest things to help improve the addon

and also character creator skins dont work but imported or owned characters do

The Weapon types:

longswords: heavy damage weapon available in the normal weapon materials

has a dash/sprint attack

spears: low damage but enough to kill an animal 

has a dash/sprint attack

now throwable

lances: massive weapon with high attack deals more damage when on a horse or sprinting

katanas/chokutos: is a straight blade with one edge does higher than normal damage 

now has unsheath

sabers: because of its curvature it does more damage than normal blades 

daggers: normal weapon normal damage 

has a special assasinate mechanic that lets you one shot or highly damage something when sneaking whilst invisible

can be held in the off hand for a bonus dagger damage

bec de corbin: only available in iron it has two modes(craft to switch) 

and it also has a sprint attack

work in progress sword animation