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MC: 15 Painful “Mindbreakers”
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This is my first map, and i put 3 days of effort on it. It also has a little plot twist on it’s end! I decided to make it fun and a little tricky. I also wanted to join the “death” maps caravan! 😀

DHosAnaWelcome to “Obvious” Death Reasons, where An Fellow Professor will be your guide and maybe an helper in your micro adventure!

Here you’ll need to solve the ways to die. That Simple. It may be a little tricky to solve this map, but i think it would be very fun!

Level 1 Micro Spoiler

There you will want to do the wrong things, Or even the right things, this is all up to you. I wanted to make a longer one, but, i ran out of creativity.

Blank death space

There’s a blank space, in which you’ll try to guess the right way to die. I decided a blank space would be nice because that kind of motives you to think of what to do.


This map is only supposed to be ran on, as this map contains Copper Blocks.

This map contains NPCs from Vanilla Minecraft, i did not use a NPC addon. But i did use a NPC texture changer to make them have player skins.

Everything is all up to you now!

Credit to TEAM CUBITOS MC, which created the NPC Player Model Resource Pack


Just click or tap the Download Map Link, and you're done. This will take you to MediaFire, and then download the file that appears.

You'll probably need to download the addons inside this map. But don't complicate searching on the web! There's a simple way to do it.

1. Go to your file explorer of choice.

2. Go to the "games" file, then enter the other file that appears.

3. Go to the "minecraftWorlds" folder. Then enter the "eqkMYA5xFwA=" file, because this is this map's ID.

4. Enter the "behavior_packs" folder and copy the behaviors that are in that file to "behavior_packs" (the one of general minecraft)

The same goes to the resource packs.