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MC: Dragon Hunter House
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This is the Dragon Hunter House. A place where a hunter can settle for the night and plan for their next hunt. Essential items like a Blast furnace, crafting table and lookout tower are provided. Ores can be mined in the mountains below and a Descartes staff is available to those who manage to get a dragon egg. Guards are also available in the villages to be hired for your hunts. 

The house is what you would expect for a Minecraft home. 

It has a fireplace for warmth and a second bottom floor for preparing for your next hunt for dangerous beasts. It is fairly empty apart from a blast furnace so decorate to your hearts content 

Here is the 2nd floor bedroom with a suit of armor, desk for other work and a bed for resting for the night. 

The tower has the smoker for cooking your fresh kill and a crafting table for making new weapons to aid in your journey. 

A good view up top. You can simply have the rest and fresh air if you are tired of hunting and getting constantly burned by dragons

A pair of dragons heads are placed on the front door for intimidating fellow hunters and enemies. 

Guards are also found in villages. They can be hired for a few Emeralds. I couldn’t get a picture as I am a lazy dumb crack who focused too much on the building.

Add-ons and Textures used:

Reign of Dragons by Hardlove

Village Guards 1.16 by Deedubs

Tales of Gaia by Eko0087

All Add-ons and textures belong to their creators. 

If you are a creator of one of these addons then just tell me to kindly remove this map if you do not want me to use your add-ons and I will do it very quickly. This is non-profit and I did this for fun and to provide a map and place for people to use with fantasy add-ons. 

Don’t start giving hate comments before even downloading the addon idiots.



If you can't install using zip format then try renaming the extension from. zip to. Mc world and if you have any problems please tell me in the comments.