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This addon adds 18 weapons in 4 tiers of cases. These cases can be obtained in structures and by killing mobs. All of these weapons have special effects that can be activated by right-clicking depending on the type of weapon.

Each weapon has a unique ability that can be activated by interacting with the weapon. These abilities can do stuff like poison enemies, give you speed, spawn lightning, etc.


  • Common – 4 possible swords
  • Uncommon – 5 possible swords
  • Rare – 5 possible swords
  • Legendary – 4 possible swords


  • Wave, Venom, Shadow, Royalty, Reflector, Nightmare, Menace, Lightning, Jet, Icicle, Gamma, Frostbite, Flare, Executioner, Eclipse, Defender, Darkness, Bloodstained, Codebreaker, Viper, Taser, Exodus,