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MC: Java “Bow Ding” Sound Effect
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If you’ve ever landed a successful arrow hit on a Java Edition PVP server, you probably know exactly what this add-on does. When you hit another player with an arrow, ‘the most satisfying sound in Minecraft’ plays directly to the person who fires that same arrow.

This behavior pack requires no added resource pack or extra set-up, other than its application to the world that it is used on. With this pack, you will be able to better distinguish a successful arrow hit from a distance compared to how the vanilla game.

The Bedrock codebase of course does not have this feature, and instead recycles the same sound played for a stray arrow as well as a successful hit. If you wish to find a more well-rounded PVP aspects behavior pack with this and more server-style features, reference my Java PVP Aspects behavior pack.


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