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MC: Ugly Hard Prison Escape
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Are you tired of short and easy prison maps? Then you should try this map that could take minutes hours or even days to complete. You have been framed by a criminal for defusing a bomb killing thousands of people! You must go and capture that guy, but first, you must ESCAPE from the Ugly Hard Prison!

Quick Guide:
1. Escape your prison cell.
2. Escape the bathroom/showers.
3. Try to break your way in to the cafeteria and restricted lounge.
4. Find the invisible path and get to the other side.
5. Find the maze 
6. Escape your way out of prison!
This game will be on adventure mode so only certain tools will be able to break your way through.


For any device, click on the .mcworld file and Minecraft should open up with this map. 

Having trouble?

Tell me what device you are on in the comments that won't let you import the mcworld. 


Update your iPad or Minecraft to the latest version.