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MC: Lightning Wars [Minigame] [PvP]
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Lightning Wars is a new gamemode minigame created by McpeTPX. This meant is aimed for 2 players with the objective being that each team have different lightning weapons which they must use to take down the enemy team. You will get 5 minutes to build a base and during that time you’re allowed to access the creative inventory.

After the 5 minutes is up both players will have a quick chance to observe the other player’s base. When that’s done – players will go to their base, count down from 3 and then start the battle! The first person to 20 deaths loses!

Creator: McpeTPX


  • Don’t build inside the command blocks area
  • Don’t access creative any time during the battle
  • Don’t alter any of the command blocks
  • Follow the rules
  • Have fun

Note from the creator: Also Doing a reaction Vid To everyone who plays this map,So if you want a shout out and to be in the video,record a video of you playing the map,and contact me using one of the following methods below.