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MC: Turf Wars (Multiplayer) [Minigame] [PvP]
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Turf Wars is a PvP minigame where two teams compete to gain as much turf area as possible by fighting each other. Every time that you kill an enemy your turf will expand. If you kill enough enemies then eventually it will expand completely and cover the entire area and that is when you know you’ve won.

Creator: FabianDroiidTwitter Account
Updated: 6 August, 2018 (bug fixes and some changes)

How to play?

This game requires two different teams with players, so make sure to invite some players to be able to get started. The objective is fairly simple. Kill the other team’s players to take over more turf space. Before a game starts you will have some time to build bases so you can better protect yourself. Also, you can use bow and arrows to destroy blocks.