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MC: OpenBlock Elevator [Redstone]
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This elevator is a recreation in Minecraft PE of the Elevator Block which exists in a (PC) mod known as OpenBlock. It’s still an early version which lacks some of the major functionalities but an upcoming update will address that by providing a more complex (but yet easy to use) solution. Either way, it’s the ultimate elevator solution to use for your worlds or Realms.

Creator: BlastCoby

How does it work?

The contraption uses three different commands to allow this elevator to function properly.

  • /testfor – detect players standing on a block
  • /testforblock – detect state of the button (pressed / not pressed), if button is pressed and player stands on the iron block player will be teleported down
  • /tp – teleport players

Stand on the iron block and then jump to go to the next floor.

You can continue to the third floor by jumping again.

The third floor is for this particular elevator the top floor. From here there is just one way to go and that’s down.

Use the button on the floor to go down.



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