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MC: The Hallway [Adventure] (Warning: Horror!)
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The Hallway is a map in which you play as the only survivor in a what seems as a zombie apocalypse. The worst thing about it all is that you are stuck in a military base where the infection seems to be rooted. Will you be able to survive what seems impossible and escape the military building or will you be stuck in there forever, as a zombie?



For the last two years have you been working as a janitor in a military building. Your day-to-day job included ordinary tasks like mopping the floor and taking out the trash. The real reason why the military building existed you didn’t know or cared about until today when you realized the building was empty of (ordinary) people and hallways filled with screams and whatnot.

So far you haven’t really tried to get out of the building as you are yet overwhelmed by the fact the last time you entered the hallway you saw a zombie like creature eating your best friend’s brain for lunch. Slowly you realize that you have to get out of there – quick! The rest is up to you..


  • Always keep difficulty on.
  • No cheating.

Creator: GoldenCrafterMC

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