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Did you ever felt that old minecraft terrain generation is boring? Do you want something new? Well then this add-on is for you. It adds new sub-biomes to current ones and changes their look completely! It also changes look to some features like trees.

This add-on changes look of current biomes also ads some new sub-biomes to them. Terrain now should look more realistic with higher mountains or deeper rivers. Some trees were chnged also. Oak trees now are higher, Spruce trees now have more slimmer and taller look, and dark oak trees now generate with more branches.

Deserts now generate within their edges.

Flower forests now are more like mountains.

Savanna and their mountains are more flat and less shattered.

Forests now generate with podzol and small bushes.

Another picture of savanna near modified savanna plateau.

Mountains (Also known as extreme hills) are now with high mountains covered with thick snow and on lower places with plateaus of grass and stone.

Taiga biome with new wet taiga sub-biome and trees.

Birch forests are now with lot of lakes and hills. On picture you can also see new variant of birch.

Added new amplified variant of mesa.

Dark forests are much more dense with new dark oak tree.

Ice plains spikes biome now don’t generate flying island or big overhangs.

Cold taiga mountains are now tall, visible from long distances.

Rivers running trough deserts are now dry and hot.

Added more vegetation to desert lakes biome, so now it creates oasis.

This mod also improves taiga mountains, snowy mountains, Desert hills, Savanna plateaus and many more biomes that are not shown on the pictures. It does not add any new biomes (I am not counting new sub-biomes as new biome because it does not generate on its own), so world seeds work absolutely normal, but taiga villages and desert villages can be moved few blocks from their normal position.


Download add-on.

Import it into minecraft.

Turn all experiments on.

Have fun playing!