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The Teleporter Mod adds a new block to the game known as the teleporter pad. This block can be placed out on a number of different locations and then used to teleport from one location to another simply by standing on it. It’s really simple to use but either way it will probably prove quite useful for you!

Creator: Arthu25

How to use the teleporter pads?

Begin by crafting a couple of teleporter pads. Once you place one down on the ground you will be prompted to name the teleporter pad: /teleporter name

  • Teleporter Pad – 4 obsidians + 1 stone + 1 diamond

In this case I placed down the first teleporter pad at a lake nearby a large birch forest. As a result, I decided to name it BirchLake.


The next teleporter pad I placed down on a location where there was loads of pumpkins. This teleporter pad I named Pumpkins.


You can continue to place as many teleporter pads as you want but for this demonstration it’s enough with two pads.

To use one simply walk on top of one and a menu should pop up giving you all the available teleportation options. Sometimes you have to walk on the pad from a specific angle before the options window pops up.