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Death in Minecraft isn’t anyone’s favorite feature but it’s definitely a necessary annoyance which makes the gameplay more challenging. The Gravestone Mod adds a block to the game which will be spawned on the location where you were last killed. By destroying the block it will drop all the items which you otherwise likely would have lost.

Creator: WartaveTwitter Account

How does the gravestone work?

The life of a Minecrafter is precious and every night there are always monsters lurking in the dark waiting for someone to eat. To them innocent life doesn’t mean anything. Anything that smells of human meat is something they will attack.


But let’s admit, it’s really annoying to be killed on your way back to your base after a long day of mining, hunting or what else you’ve been doing.

The Gravestone Mod will spawn a gravestone at the position where you was killed. If you return to the gravestone and destroy it it will drop all items which was dropped when you were killed. This way you don’t have to worry as much about being killed as you will be able to return to your gravestone once the sun has risen and retrieve your items.