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MC: Survival Bingo [Minigame] [Survival]
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This is a survival minigame which combines normal survival mode with bingo card. Your objective is to find the different kinds of items as as seen on the filled bingo card by exploring, crafting and mining. Fill up the items on the empty card so that it matches the filled card. You can win with 4 corners, 4 straight lines or 4 diagionals. It works best for multiplayer (max 4 players) but it also fun to use in single player mode.

Creator: MattH44TwitterWebsite
Updated: 3 May, 2018 (read changelog)

How to play?

The main objective is to collect items on to fill up your empty bingo card. There are three different bingo cards to choose from. There is a filled bingo card and an empty bingo card which is yours.

You can fill up the items on the bingo card by exploration, crafting and mining. If you find an item on the filled card then place it on your empty card so that it matches the placement as on the filled card. You can win with four corners, four straight lines or four diagonals. It’s suitable for multiplayer (max 4 players) or single player. It should be played in normal difficulty, survival game mode and no PvP is allowed.


  • Bug fixes
  • Changed gamerules
  • Added a new bingo board