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MC: Super Villager Bros. (BETA Version) [Minigame]
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Super Villager Bros. is a 2.5D platform map created for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. In the game you’ll gain control over a village who will leave his home (a village) to search for new adventures. During this long travel the environment will gradually become more hostile and soon he’s likely to come across some very powerful creatures from these far lands who he will have to fight.

Creator: Trinity Block, Twitter Account

How to play?

You control the villager by using the normal walking keys. By using these controls you can make the villager move in any direction, climb ladders, swim and even jump. The main objective is to get past all the obstacles. Keep in mind that this is just a beta, so it doesn’t include that many levels.

List of Creators

  • M7MoGameR (OWNER)
  • Cheese (EX-OWNER)
  • CSonnic03 (CO-OWNER)
  • ZeReaperDark (CO-OWNER)
  • Nduku (MAIN BUILDER)
  • SapphireCrafty (HEAD OF PROGRAMMING)
  • BluFlyaway (PROGRAMMING)
  • Cheff Bread (PROGRAMMING)
  • SuperSlymeBoi (PROGRAMMING)
  • LuckyBlock17o (PROGRAMMING)
  • JoelCreeper (PROGRAMMING)
  • AceAttacker (BUILDER)
  • Mathh3w23 (BUILDER)