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MC: Advanced Death Run [Minigame]
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In this Minecraft: Bedrock Edition mini-game map, everything is automatic and the two teams, Death and the Runners, are programmed using experience levels. Unlike most Death Run maps, Death has a way of winning. All runners share a total of 20 lives. Once all are lost then Death has won and the map resets. If all runners make it with at least one life left then they have won! There are multiple checkpoints Runners may choose to spawn at.

Creator: The AIDAN8R, YouTube Channel

How to play?

When a game starts, all Runners receive a pickaxe and by every checkpoint they get a new item. When a Runner dies they must hold the item of the checkpoint they choose to spawn at and step forward. There is a key in the Checkpoint Selection Room that tells what item takes the Runner to which checkpoint.

Warning: This map is very hard to complete! Expect rage!