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MC: SS Evolve Factions Realms [PvP]
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This is a fully functional Factions map which works very well for Realms or local multiplayer server parties. It’s as close as it gets to an actual Factions server and is perfect for multiplayer as it runs all by itself and there are shops where players can buy or sell their items. It’s also possible to build a base and claim it. But be aware of other Factions because they might decide to raid you!

Creator: Supershiftery, Twitter AccountYouTube Channel

Game Features

  • Fully function shop with custom villager trades
  • Crate keys
  • Starter kit
  • Spawn
  • Factions commands
  • Claims
  • Custom terrain
  • Shaders

Note from creator:

If you want some more maps make sure to check my YouTube Channel [Supershiftery] because I release maps every week and I’m trying to reach 10,000 subscribers

Thanks for taking the time to download the map.

If you want to help with future maps message me on Twitter

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Warning: The size of this file is 416 MB!
Recommendation: This world is recommended for high end devices and Xbox consoles!