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The sun is approaching the earth, the temperature is rising, it looks like there will be a solar apocalypse soon. The world will never be the same, you have a choice – adapt or die

Warning: this mod is in alpha testing, it can ruin your world, so please make backups before launching. This mod can damage your world data that you cannot fix even after deleting the mod, so be careful!

I recommend you to watch the solar apocalypse timelapse

And gameplay


You can choose apocalypse mode:

Slow mode – for low perfomance devices. The apocalypse occurs about 1.5 times slower than the medium mode

Medium – for most devices

Fast – for powerful devices. Apocalypse happens 2 times faster than medium mode

Max – only for win10 edition. The apocalypse speed is slightly higher than in fast mode, but the radius is increased (196 blocks instead of 100 blocks in other modes). To activate this function, you also need to set the simulation distance to 12 chunks

Slow mode is selected by default

Apocalypse timeline

Every x number of seconds (depends on apocalypse mode) apocalypse action occurs

Apocalypse action depends on the current tick. For convenience, it is displayed in the sidebar (strange numbers will be written in white, do not pay attention to them, this will be fixed in future versions, apocalypse ticks will be written in red)

1 apocalypse tick = 1 tick in the game (1/20 s)

At 15000 ticks, snow and ice begin to melt

At 30000 ticks, plants begin to disappear, and the ground becomes rough. The water also begins to dry out (turns into sand)

At 45000 ticks, fire begins to appear. More ticks – more fire

Mobs start to burn under the sun at 33000 ticks (the most unadapted to fire) – 45000 ticks (the fittest). Mobs from nether don’t burn

The player starts to burn at 40,000 ticks

A netherrite helmet saves you from burning in the sun

At 110,000 ticks, sand begins to turn into glass, cactuses begin to disappear

Controlling the Apocalypse (Alpha 1.1+)

This mod requires an experimental mode. Before creating the world, enable all the parameters of the experimental mode

If you don’t need apocalypse control, you can download version Alpha 1.0.1, it does not require experimental mode

To start apocalypse, you must enter this command:

/function startApocalypse

The following commands allow you to switch between phases:

/function firstPhase

/function secondPhase

/function thirdPhase

/function fourthPhase

/function finalPhase

You can also start the apocalypse from the beginning:

/function resetApocalypse

Or remove the apocalypse:

/function removeApocalypse

Warning: restarting or deleting an apocalypse removes all attributes of apocalypse, except for the player’s burn under the sun. Even removing the add-on will not allow you to get rid of it (will be fixed in future versions). Make backups!

You can also set an arbitrary number of apocalypse ticks:

/scoreboard players set @e[type=solar:apocalypse_counter] ApocalypseTick (your ticks count)

/scoreboard players set @e[type=solar:apocalypse_counter] apocalypsevalue (your ticks count)

Replace “(your ticks count)” with your number

For example:

/scoreboard players set @e[type=solar:apocalypse_counter] ApocalypseTick 10000

/scoreboard players set @e[type=solar:apocalypse_counter] apocalypsevalue 10000

Alpha 1.1+ worlds are incompatible with previous versions

Other dimensions

In nether you won’t notice any change

Some bugs may appear in the end (will be fixed in the next updates)


This mod, starting from version Alpha 1.1+, fully supports multiplayer (requires poweful server, set “Slow” mode if you will play in multiplayer)


Because water begins to dry out, too many items begin to drop out, so every minute all items will disappear

Also, if there is too much water underground and fish appear there, then it may dry out (will be fixed in future versions)

This mod requires an experimental mode. Works on all Minecraft Bedrock 1.16 platforms

If the apocalypse tick counting didn’t start when you entered the world, select another mode


1. Download the addon itself

2. Open the file

3. Apply behavior and resource packs in map settings

4. Choose your apocalypse mode

5. Start the apocalypse (/function startApocalypse)