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MC: Skyblock Islands v.0.1.2
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This is a custom skyblock map created by myself, MasterMind. This map feels like a skyblock, but has a few little twist to it, using some of minecrafts mechanics to make it a more unique feel! You have the main island, a desert island, and a nether island in which contains a portal that you have to somehow light to get to the secret it holds!


Skyblock Islands



Thank you for downloading the map! This is a

modified version of skyblock with a few little

twisted added into it. Some places it is nerfed,

other places is a little more challenging! Images

of the map are provided on the site, and here are

the challenges to complete!


*Map was created on Windows 10 Edition, images taken on Android version.


Main island:

Main island house:

Desert island:

Nether island:

Nether room:




-Build a cobblestone generator

-Craft a crafting table

-Craft a furnace

-Craft a chest

-Expand the main island

-Explore the Desert island

-Explore the Nether island

-Craft as many colored wool varients

-Build a “safe” house

-Develop a tree far with at least 4 sapplings at

a time (Oak/Birch)

-Develop a wheat farm

-Develop a carrot farm

-Develop a potato farm

-Develop a beet root farm

-Develop a sugarcane farm

-Develop a melon farm

-Develop a pumpkin farm

-Develop a bamboo farm

-Develop a vine farm

-Develop a mushroom farm (Red/Brown)

-Build a traditional mob farm

-Utilise the spawners

-Enter the nether and find out its use in skyblock

-Craft a full set of wooden tools

-Craft a full set of stone tools

-Craft a full set of iron tools and armor

-Use the nethers new generator

-Craft a blast furnace

-Craft a smoker

-Craft a camp fire


For all devices download the .mcworld file and simply click it and open it into Minecraft. It will automatically install the world for you.

If you downloaded the zip file it contains a copy of the challenges and a copy of the images used as well as the .mcworld file. Again just use the .mcworld and open into Minecraft!