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MC: SCP: Collab Lab (SCP: Secret Lab But Also Not)
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Do you want something like SCP: Secret Laboratory but in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Now you have it! Well kinda. This map allows you to be an MTF Unit, a Chaos Insurgency Member or an SCP and fight each other in an abandoned SCP Facility!

SCP: Collab Lab

It’s like SCP: Secret Laboratory but also not.

This map uses SCP: Collaboration Lite, an optimized version of SCP Collaboration. It will be released on the SCP Collaboration page in the near future, DO NOT extract it from this map.


– This map was made by Mecha, DyDyOOF, JuliusScizzor, Krypt, Besky & Godzillafan8889
– You can adapt the map, but you must give proper credit.
– If you are recording a video, you must give proper credit
– You are NOT allowed to edit the code for any use, but you may study it to learn
– You are NOT allowed to extract the add-on from the map (as stated above)

– You are NOT allowed to share the direct mediafire link, ALWAYS share THIS PAGE. By using our adfly links you are supporting add-on creators, by sharing the links directly you are disrespecting them

You may find a list of the changes in SCP: Collab Lite in my discord server

How the map works:

You can play as an MTF Unit, a Chaos Insurgency Member, or an SCP!
Fight each other to the death in any way you and your friends like! Free for all or team deathmatch.

There are some toggleable settings to spice up your game! You can disable MTF/Chaos kits, disable SCP kits or disable both so no one can play!

You can also turn on/off random SCP spawning so that some SCPs can spawn randomly around the map.

There are 3D Guns, Weapons and SCP Morphs. Read the SCP: Collaboration MCPEDL Page to see how they work. They should be quite intuitive though.

All players can shoot both semi and full auto, the bug has been fixed. The gun codes were adapted from Actual Guns CSO, not directly copied and with permission

Here is a view of the lobby:

Kit Selection

There are 5 kits for MTF, 5 kits for Chaos and 4 kits for SCP. Each have their own loadouts.
(Note that players with poor internet connection may not properly receive the kit)

MTF kits:

Chaos Kits:

SCP Kits


The map is a rather small abandoned SCP facility, Use the environment to your advantage when in combat!

Here are some screenshots:

Besky’s Holy SCP-939 Statue

Julius Door

Piston Doors (by besky)
You can use them to strategically hinder your enemies!

Additional Settings

You can turn on/off epic music here.

You can also turn on/off random crate spawning. The crates have 7 randomized loot tables, and have a small chance of having really powerful weapons.


(despawns after 12 seconds)

Watch the trailer!


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