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MC: Rayth Skyblock
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Skyblock based off the original with some changes to make it both harder and easier to complete! With a custom Wandering Trader and modified piglin bartering, 4 overworld islands, an end portal and numerous nether islands for you to discover.

Based on the Original Skyblock map, redesigned for the Nether Update!

Featuring 4 Overworld Islands to explore!

And to make things interesting, a customised wandering trader with his own economy building system! (Iron> Gold> Emerald> Diamond)

And to top it all off, a variety of nether islands, including new blocks such as Soul Soil, Ancient Debris and Netherrack Variants!

Sorry did I say to top it off? No that’s not all! Some modified crafting as well!

And finally (yes really this time), the Piglin Bartering System has been modified too. You can now get Lava buckets (for those that make a mistake) and Sand from piglins!

Enjoy the Map πŸ™‚