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MC: Prison For Life – Are You Able to Escape? [Adventure] [Puzzle]
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You were arrested for a crime and put in prison for the rest of your life. But you have no intention to stay there for any longer than deemed necessary. No one has ever been able escape to escape this place before, but perhaps you’ll be the first one to figure it out. Just be careful, if you get caught then you’ll most likely end up in solitary for a long time and that’s no fun.

Creator: AlexL1980

Map Functions

Here are some of the rules / functions relating to the map. All of them can also be found in a book in-game.

  • Stone can be destroyed with stone pickaxes.
  • Hardened stained clay can be destroyed with golden pickaxes.
  • You can place levers on emerald blocks.
  • You can place buttons on gold buttons.
  • You can place dynamite on quartz blocks.
  • You can destroy glass blocks (not panes) with a glass cutter.
  • All other things you’ll learn as you continue in the map.