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There’s a new way to fight back against the night in Minecraft! This addon introduces the some of the friendly plant characters found in the Plants vs. Zombies series of games to your Minecraft worlds.

This addon aims to bring the botanical magic of PvZ to Minecraft in a way that preserves the charm of vanilla. 

Plant Hunting

Finding Crazy Dave

First, you need to find Crazy Dave, who holds the seeds to all the plants. You must convert a zombie into Crazy Dave using a Pot o’ Plants.

Craft a Pot with 5 iron. 

Then, collect these Minecraft plants, and craft them together with the pot to create a Pot o’ Plants.

Note! You can replace the sunflower with any 2 block tall plant and you can replace the sapling with any sapling.

Finally, find yourself a zombie and use a Splash Potion of Swiftness on it, then use the Pot o’ Plants and wait 100 seconds, then Crazy Dave will appear!

Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave will trade sun for plant seeds! However, he is vulnerable to zombie attacks so make sure to protect him or you will lose your progress. He can be moved easily using tacos (more on those later).

Make sure you buy a Sunflower first, and stock up on them in order to get more sun!  But how do you plant them?

Breaking Ground

In order to plant a PvZ plant, you need to craft a Garden Shovel.

Once you have the Garden Shovel, sneak and hold to dig a dirt mound in the ground!

You can use plant seeds on this dirt mound to plant your plants! The garden shovel has infinite durability, making it the top choice among gardeners 🙂


It is important to kill zombies and other monsters using your PvZ plants. 1 in 5 zombies killed by plants will drop Tacos!!!!!!!! You can use explosive plants to increase this to 1 in 4. Exchange Tacos for Sun in Crazy Dave’s menu to level him up to unlock more plants! Tacos can also be used to lead Crazy Dave away from danger.

The Plants


The classic PvZ plant. Fires pea projectiles at zombies in range. 


Without doubt the most important plant. Creates sun items that can be used to create more plant seeds.

Wallnut (the one staring you down!)

This plant is extremely useful as a defensive plant because the naive zombies will eat at it continuously until its extremely high health runs out. Use this in combination with Peashooters to destroy the zombies on your lawn.

Cherry Bomb

A quick way to get rid of monsters. Attracts mobs with its bright red color, then 1-hit-KO’s them! Zombies killed by a Cherry Bomb’s explosion are more likely to drop tacos.

Snow Pea

Icy! The Snow Pea’s peas affect anything hit with slowness. This will surely keep Zombies away, but make sure to stay out of the line of fire.

Potato Mine

Awww! Isn’t it cute! The potato mine will bury itself in the ground until it is ready to release an explosion that 1-kit-KO’s any monsters nearby. This also increases the likelihood that tacos will spawn from Zombies.


Shoots 2 peas at once! Like a peashooter, but better!! And angrier! (And leafier!)

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(Note for Modpack Creators: this addon modifies the vanilla zombie and player files. Feel free to modify those files in order to make it compatible with other addons in the project. You MUST include my name @addonnut in your modpack and let me know 🙂

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