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Do you like Undertale? Do you also like Undertale fangame? Now your dreams will come true because I have made Pirate Sans. Pirate Sans is a character from Oceantale. Ok, now we will see how strong is Pirate Sans.

Pirate Sans:




Pirate Sans Attack:



Bone is the main weapon of Pirate Sans, it will do fatal damage if it hits,
2.Bone Lurker:


Pirate Sans can also summon some sharp Lurker Bone, it can do more damage than bone,
3.Gaster Blaster:
The Gaster Blaster attack is a powerful Pirate Sans attack, where, it can burn its target instantly with its laser.

Update Attacks:

1.Pirate Sans Ship:


Abilities:Shoot And Summon Multiple Bones

Entities that can help the pirate sans, this ship is the pirate sans combat engine, it can shoot multiple bones at multiple targets in a row.
2.Moving Lurker Bone:


These may be smart pirate sans attack, these attacks can make the enemy’s attention diverted with the bone, as they must tackle a moving lurker.

besides that, Pirate Sans also has other attacks that are even stronger, it is even stronger than the previous strong entities, such as Sans, Chara, Gaster and others.


This Addon Is Made By: CharaTheGamer2255


If You Want To Showcase,Credit Me: “CharaTheGamer2255”


I Hope You Like It, I Have Worked Hard On Making This Addon, And Thank You


It's Suggested To Turn On Experimental Gamemode, And Don't Forget, Credit Me: "CharaTheGamer2255"