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This addon adds pink diamond to Minecraft and makes pink diamond rarer than diamonds. Originally this addon was supposed to release on Valentine’s Day but I decided that it was not ready so I released it today and if you want more updates about this addon go and follow me @scarredwolfy2 and subscribe to my YouTube channel Scarred Wolf 2

This is the pink diamond addon showcase here this video will show you everything about the addon and remember to subscribe to this channel if you do like the addon and follow me on twitter @ScarredWolfy2.

– Pink Diamond Addon ShowCase Video

– Block 1

– Block 2

As you can see that the pink Diamond block and the pink diamond ore block do work in Minecraft and to can also see that the pink diamond block glows so it’s also a light source.

– Pink Diamond Block

This is the pink Diamond block you can make it with the pink diamond and it also glows like the diamond as well but I don’t think this texture is going to stay because I’m feeling like changing but if you like let me know if I should Change it or not.

– Pink Diamond Ore

This is the pink Diamond ore it spawns very low at the bottom of the world it’s better than diamond also when you mine it it will drop pink diamond after being broken and soon I will add an animated texture to it soon.

– Pink Diamond 

This is the pink Diamond you can get this when you mine the pink diamond ore you can craft a pink diamond sword pickaxe axe and shovel out of this and it also glows and the tools do to but there’s no armor yet because it’s still being work on.

Now here are some in game images of the pink Diamond ore generation in the Minecraft world.

– Generation 1– Generation 2– Generation 3

– Generation 4

Now that you can see the pink diamond ore does spawn in the world naturally and there much more harder to find and let me know if there is any glitches with the generation.

Here are some in game images of the pink Diamond tools in Minecraft. – Tool 1– Tool 2– Tool 3

– Tool 4

As you can see the pink Diamond tools can glow and can be crafted also the crafting recipe for the pink diamond tools are the same as how you craft regular tools.

so that’s basically it if you want more updates about this addon follow me on twitter @ScarredWolfy2 and subscribe to my channel Called Scarred Wolf 2.

(Disclaimer) I don’t know if this addon work on all version of Minecraft so if you do try it on your Minecraft pls let me know if it worked because if it didn’t work I will try and fix it alright.


Click The Link And Press Save As And Save it to your modding folder and then extract it and then put in your resources and behavior pack folder and than your ready to play.