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Bot11 Moderator is a smart addon (Function) with 50 new commands that give you huge advantages such as whitelisting your world and using admin commands like vanish and sethome.

You can use the function pack in multiplayer worlds without any bugs or glitches.

– How to use bot11 :

Bot11 moderator is a function pack that can be only used by an OPERATOR  since it contains admin commands.

You can check the help page by using /function help1 and /function help2 .

You can toggle the command feedback by using /function feedback-(true, false) .

– Admin commands :

To whitelist/tempban players you can use /function whitelist , if you wanted to turn whitelist off you need to restart your world.

If you had any lag in your world you can use /function clear-lag but this command will kill all items, mobs, pets, armor stands and minecarts.

– Fun commands : 

If you wanted to be invisible for other players you can use /function vanish and you also can unvanish by using /function unvanish .

You can set custom homes to teleport back to them later by using firstly /function sehome then you can teleport to them by /function home or /function all-home if you wanted to teleport all other players to home too.

You can also play background music by using /function music.(name of music) the music will be displayed to other players too.

If you’re afk you can use /function afk which it will tell  all other players that you’re afk and you will stop taking damage while you’re afk.

Here is some pictures :


• To can use this pack you need your 1.16.40 Hilux version or higher.

• The pack is an addon and not resource pack.

• The link linkvertise which is more friendly.