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MC: Crafteable Spawn Eggs
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Had you thought of a mod that would allow you to create spawners in survival? This mod does exactly that, but everything has a cost, so this Add-on is no exception

If you don’t know how to speak English here is a video in Spanish

Now, I will explain how to create the necessary elements for spawner

Firsts thing first you need a diamond egg, in survival crafteable with 1 diamond, 4 eggs, 2 blaze powder, and 2 brown dye in this position

Or can be obtained in creative using “/give @s se:diamond_egg”, like this

With the diamond egg and the drops of each creature you can make its spawner, like this

And the second element is the generator

Crafted with 1 diamond block, 4 iron bars, and 4 blaze powder, like this

All the other crafts are on the table crafting menu, good luck


If you want to do a review of the mod I want to see it, tag me on twitter @Gralry1

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