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MC: Parkour (Most Of It)
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This map can help you practice your parkour skills! Four block, ladder, ice, elytra, piston, speed, honey and slime, neo, and more jumps!

There are also PvP*, Puzzle and PvE coming in the next updates!

*PvP is now in alpha

There are currently 3 parts in this map:

Normal: There are 5 levels:

Lv1: A pack of various jumps like ladder, ice, redstone and slime all mixed up together.

Lv2: A level based on tall iron bars. You need to find the way to get to the top.

Lv3: A level full of honey blocks, and other feature such as barrier, shulker box and soul sand.

Lv4: Obsidian, trident, trapdoors and pistons are waiting for you to challenge them.

Lv5: The last level is very hard to play. With the neos and 4 block jump, it is nearly impossible to finish it. Don’t play it unless you have a big confidence on yourself!






Easy: The adventure is in 4 parts:

Overworld: Discover the biomes by stepping on the 7 different trees.

Nether: The trip in Nether is shorter, but harder. You will end up in a stronghold and get into the lava to start The End.

The end: The last fight against the Ender Dragon. After that you will finding the End City and ruined End Ship. Go back to the portal and find your way home.

Home: Back to your home. (This is just a bonus)


Climb the way to the top!

The new 2 species of fungus.

The nether fortress is a little bit hard for beginners though.

In the stronghold there will be the end portal. Jump down to get to The End.

This obsidian pillar is not easy to climb!

After that you go to the End City.

Your home.

Cubes: There are 9 cubes:

Dirt, Wood, Stone, Netherrack, Blackstone, Nether Bricks, Stone Bricks, End Stone and Purpur Block.

Each of them will be slightly harder than the previous one, but the fun is still there!

(There is a maze in the Nether Bricks level.)

PvP (alpha) is something extra. There are only 1 arena: 20*20.

Game Rules:

-Play in Adventure mode

-Play in Peaceful mode

No cheating allowed

-You can rage

-You can use /spawnpoint if you really give up

-PvP on (if you want to play PvP) or PvP off (when playing Parkour)

If you find any bugs or shortcuts, feel free to comment down below!


Click the link and it will start downloading.

Currently there is .mcworld an .zip file. 

.mcworld : just open it in Minecraft

.zip : unzip and put the folder in com.mojang -> minecraftWorlds

If both of the links are not working, use the MediaFire link.