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MC: Costa Coffee: Savannah Mountain Village
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Here is a seed which offers two villages to be found quite easily. It’s primarily the first village which is located in a savannah biome that’s incredible because parts of it have been generated on top of a mountain.

To get to the village fly over (or climb) the mountain in front of you. Walk through the desert ahead of you and after a short while you will reach the savannah mountain village.

screenshot-2015-07-23-11-08 screenshot-2015-07-23-11-08_2

About one half of the village has been generated on top of the mountain where as the rest is at the base of the mountain.


There is no blacksmith in the village but there are plenty of farms which you can harvest for vegetables and such. It’s primarily the unique look of the village and the amazing surrounding terrain which is great about it.


If you continue pass the savannah village through the valley you will soon reach a desert village.


Seed: Costa Coffee
Found by: Pr1me