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MC: Parkour Biome 50 Level
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Hello Im the creator for this map, because you want downloaded this map, you have to read the instruction.

  • The first instruction, you have to parkour level until level.
  • The second instruction, if you in the lava or nether level, you have to checkpoint on comment button in up if you playing minecraft,
  • BIOMES LEVEL OR ARENA In this level or arena, you have to parkour level until level biomes. There are so many biomes level and you have to parkour until final level. There so many biomes, Forest biomes, Desert biomes, Autumn biomes, Jungle biomes, Mountain biomes, Winter biomes, Nether biomes, End biomes, or City biomes, or Illager, Villager biomes.
  • FLOATING ISLAND LEVEL OR ARENA PARKOURIn this level or arena, you have to parkour in the floating island until floating island and into the next level. There is a three floating island parkour biomes. The firs island is forest biomes and the second island is desert biomes. The third island is Nether biomes and to the next level parkour.



  1. Click the link.
  2. Open Zarchiver app (If you not yet download Zarchiver app, you have to download on Playstore or Appstore).
  3. After open Zarchiver app, click file download. After that, You have to click and copy file the map . After that, back to menu file.
  4. Click file games. After that, click file com.mojang. and click file minecraftworld. And paste the file.
  5. After that, you have to compress file the map.
  6. If you dont understand, you have to watch on youtube, how to download minecraft map on zarchiver.