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Are you tired of having to go to villages to trade without a chance of getting items such as netherite? Do you wish you could do trading that gets you better items and requires less traveling? If so this addon is for you!

This addon adds in a Computer that allows you to trade at your base or house.

First things first:

The spawn egg can be found in the creative inventory:

What the computer looks like:


Unlike Villagers, the Computer has Tiers represented by a certain currency depending on the tier.  

Here’s how the tier works:

Each currency and tier is shown in this picture:

Once you’ve completed the Iron tier by trading, you get the Gold Tier as shown in the video:

There’s also the Diamond, Emerald, and Netherite Tiers as shown in the picture from eariler.

More info about the addon:

This is a beta so there is more things to be added. As of right now its only accessible through the creative inventory and through commands!

/give @p ot:computer

To be added:

  • New Trade items
  • A copper Tier possibly.
  • A way to craft the computer.
  • Suggestions from community.
  • Text is in more languages
  • Make the addon usable in survival.

Warnings for people who use my addon:

  • Please do not copy my models or textures without my permission
  • Please only use the original mcpedl link in your showcase videos

Putting my YouTube channel in your showcase videos is optional but it would be greatly appreciated if you did.


Make sure to enable Holiday Creator Features and Extra Modding Capabilities!