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Hello Minecraft players, they also tell me that you are looking for a new adventure, a new kind of world, a new … survival.


in that in that greeted i will add more things in the future but for now there are still amethyst which is super rare and the rainbow block which is also super rare and gives a lot of ore
The Amethyst is still the only one added but I guarantee it is better than Netherite with its hyper tools, your survival will no longer be so difficult, download and try it!

Don’t worry players, I, Kauziin, declare the Add-On opened

In this add-on, I add some new things, but there is still MORE to come! First of all we have Amethyst (Amethyst ore) added to the game.


 • Rarity: Epic, Difficult to find

 • Located between layers 4 and 15 of OverWorld.

• Their tools and armor are fragile

 • Can be broken with an iron pick or / and higher.

 • Your tools are powerful.

 • Visual created by random pixels without programs.

 Your Tools:

 • Amethyst sword

 Damage: 10

 Durability: 481

 Can be enchanted


 • Amethyst axe

 Damage: 8

 Durability: 546

 It can be enchanted.


 • Amethyst pickaxe

 Damage: 6

 Durability: 584

 It can break all kinds of stones and ores

 Can be enchanted


 • Amethyst hoe

 Damage: 4

 Durability: 492

 It can be enchanted.


 • Amethyst shovel

 Damage: 5

 Durability: 512

 It can be enchanted.

 Make dirt path

V0.8.7 Update

Now armor has been added!

They can be found in hostile mobs like zombies and skeletons!

 Amethyst Armor

This is the your info

All pieces can be enchanted


Enable All Experimental Options