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This mod is based on an old mod known as MissileCraft. By the way, that mod still works for the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Personally, I prefer the original MissileCraft since it got more missiles to choose from. But if you put a great value on graphics then the New MissileCraft mod adds a better looking missile model with better textures.

Creators: Andr3w246 (original creator of MissileCraft), QuantumPE (Twitter Account)

How to use the missile?

To use the missile you will need a Position Definer, a Missile Platform and a Nuke. Here are the crafting recipes needed to obtaining these items.

  • Position Definer (500) – 1 redstone + 4 iron ingots
  • Launch Control Panel (248) – 2 birchwood planks + 1 redstone
  • Missile Platform (501) – 1 launch control panel + 1 iron block
  • Missile Middle (186) – 4 sticks + 2 dark oak wood planks
  • Missile Base (187) – 4 sticks + 2 acacia wood planks
  • Nuke (1002) – 1 hopper + 1 missile middle + 1 missile base + 2 nether brick fences

Begin by placing a missile platform on the ground by using the Missile Platform item. Tap on the red thing on the platform with the Position Definer to define the Launch Platform.


Next, place down the Nuke missile on the center of the platform.


Use the Position Definer item to define the area which you want to nuke. I decided to nuke a village nearby. Let’s pretend it’s secret base for an evil creeper society.


Return to the missile platform and use an empty hand to tap on the red thing on the platform to launch the missile.


The entire village has been demolished and hopefully the evil creepers have been taught a lesson not to mess with us again!



The download includes two different downloads. Pick the one depending on how large you want to explosion to be. If you are using a less powerful device then use the small explosion download.

Download (Big Explosion)
Download (Small Explosion)