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MC: Multiplayer Lucky Block Race (Modded Map!) [Minigame]
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The Multiplayer Lucky Block Race is a modded racing map. The map includes is a short racing track with tens of Lucky Block challenges for each player. The map uses redstone combined with modding features to create a fun gaming experience to be enjoyed together with friends.

Creator: robalb


How does it work?

By our understanding, it is only the owner (or server) which needs the .js script. The guests don’t have do install anything.

The download includes a demonstration map which you can play together with friends to test the mod. If you know ModPE, you can also use the blocks and items in this mod to create your own customized Lucky Block racing maps. But as mentioned previously, it requires knowledge of the ModPE as you’d need it to edit the spawning coordinates in the .js file.

Demonstration Map

But as we mentioned it does come with a demo map which you can use. Each player should stand on the pressure plate and then run forward. On each player’s track there will be a Lucky Block which each player must destroy before moving forward.


Once a player has completed all challenges and reach the end of the track there will be a button which he must press to claim his rewards.