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MC: Midnight Dawn [Minigame] [Survival]
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Midnight Dawn is an experimental horror/survival minigame where a hunter and some survivors try to complete their objectives before the night is over. There are two roles that take place in this game and each have different objectives. This game requires more than one player, so make sure to invite some other players to your game before starting!

Creator: McMCPE1234, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel

How to play?

Players are assigned different roles and each role have a different objective they have to complete before midnight.

  • Survivors: The survivors try to stay alive from the hunter who is after them. They have two methods they can use to win. Either they wait until dawn or kill the hunter by completing an objective beforehand.
  • Hunter: Basically the murder of this game. It’s objective is to kill all survivors before dawn.

Each roles has their own perks or items for players to use at their disposal in the beginning of the game.

Whoever “survives” and completes their objectives (either Survivors or Hunter) is the winner of this game.

Note: This is an experimental project so there is a slight chance that the game can become completely broken by some unforseen bugs. If this is the case then please report them to me as soon as possible. You can report them on my Twitter or YouTube account.