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MC: LuckyTree SkyBlock [Survival]
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This is similar in many ways to any other SkyBlock survival map except that there are some unpredictable events that can make the game either easy or extremely difficult. All of this depends on your own luck! There are four different islands (floating in a void of nothingness) and they include the normal Main Island, a Desert Island, a Stronghold Island and a Lucky Island.

Creator: mcpedash, Twitter Account
Updated: 25 August, 2018 (supports all languages now!)


Main Island

On this island you need to create a Cobblestone Generator with only the resources here to move to other islands.

Lucky Island

There is one Lucky Tree on this island. When you plant an oak tree at a specific position on this island, all the leaves turn into Lucky Blocks. Breaking the Lucky Block with Iron Pickaxe will result in some unpredictable events.

Stronghold Island

When you complete the End Portal on this island, you can move on to the End dimension.

Desert Island

You can get some seeds and resources to make the Nether Portal on this island.

Main Objective

Same as normal survival maps. Survive as long as you can or move to the End dimension and defeat Ender Dragon.


  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Build your house
  • Break all the lucky blocks and plant the lucky tree again
  • Go to the Nether
  • Get a nether star
  • Complete the End Portal
  • Defeat the Ended Dragon

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Important: Make sure that Lucky Block resource pack is activated!