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 If you like medieval themes, then you might like this add-on. Armor, magic scrolls, new weapons and everything is balanced for a comfortable game. There is no cheating ore and other things here.


 I like medieval and fantasy themes. After some searching for ideas, I decided to create an add-on for MCBE. There is armor, coins and weapons. Moreover, everything is sorted by inventory contributions and looks quite tolerable. Now let’s take a closer look.


 The add-on contains 4 types of coins: copper, iron, silver and gold. You can use them in your medieval RolePlay projects. So far, they are not used anywhere, but in the future I will make them trade with villagers.


  Basic crafting ingredients are based on vanilla items.

  Iron + Coal.

 Since we cannot put two different materials in the furnace, I combined them into one piece. Used to create a Steel Ingot.

  Steel ingot.

 Item for making plate armor.


 Item for making a Heavy Plate Chestplate and Chainmail.

 Fiery eye.

 Ingredient for the fire scroll.


 I decided not to give up the vanilla style and did not add effects to the armor.

Chainmail received a craft

Hunting armor

This is an improved version of leather armor with increased durability and slightly more protection.

Heavy plate armor

Stronger than iron armor and provides more protection, but requires steel to craft.


 Wooden stick.

 It is a cool alternative to a wooden sword, but has less damage and durability, but the cost of creating is less.

 Steel sword.

 More durable than iron and deals more damage. It can be used as a temporary alternative to the diamond sword, but the steel sword is much inferior in strength to the diamond one.


 Scrolls are used to deal a lot of damage quickly and help you survive in some situations. So far, only a fire scroll is available, but I’ll try to add more in the future.

 Blank scroll.

 Used to create a scroll with a spell.

 Fiery scroll.

 Shoots with a fiery eye spell and deals great damage. Recharge 5 minutes.



 The first item in the add-on. Drops from zombies.