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This add-on replaces the hostile Creeper with a helpful Mechanic. The Mechanic is a buff robot which is neutral toward players (meaning, it only attacks if it is being threatened). You can tame it with some coal and then use it as a riding mount for getting around quicker and to more easily pass through some tough terrain (e.g. lava or high mountains).

Creator: JosethDropsTwitter Account

How does it work?

The Mechanic can be found spawning naturally in most biomes in the Overworld as it replaces the Creeper. You can tame one with some coal. Once tamed you will be able to ride it. However, it will not follow or protect you. This means you will have to keep it parked somewhere it can’t escape when you aren’t using it.

The robot has many different uses and one of them is that it can be used for storing your blocks and items. There are 27 available armor slots.

The most useful feature of the robot is that you can ride it when it’s tamed. It’s resistant to fire (and lava) and it can also jump quite high.


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.